Outdoor Christmas Lights

8 Of The Best Outdoor Christmas Lights to Ring In The Holiday Season

If there was ever a year where we all needed some added holiday cheer, it’s this one. With opportunities for traditional holiday activities like shared shopping trips, theater visits, travel and even family gatherings limited by the coronavirus pandemic, your home is going to be the center of your holiday celebrating even more than usual.

So go ahead and take the holiday decorating up a notch. Inside, that might mean a second Christmas tree, a bigger Menorah, more garlands and bows, tinsel aplenty, and maybe a snow globe or two. Outside, holiday decorating is all about the lights.

While shopping for the best outdoor Christmas lights for your home, consider the following: How many feet of Christmas lights does your house need? What color of holiday lights will looks best?

Are LED Christmas lights worth it? (Yes.) Are incandescent Christmas lights reliable? (Also yes, usually.) Do I have a safe way to connect my lights to a power source? Are holiday lights safe in the rain or snow?

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