British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is coming to India at the end of April

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is coming to India at the end of April. This was informed by his office on Monday. This will be his first visit to India as Prime Minister since leaving the European Union and, of course, his first important international visit.

He was scheduled to arrive in India on January 26, the day of the Republic Day. But the tour was canceled due to the growing Corona outbreak in Britain. That’s when Boris Johnson announced that he would be coming to India soon.

It was finally learned that he was coming to India in April. Corona’s new strain began to dominate Britain late last year. The situation was such that a new lockdown was announced. In that situation, Boris had to cancel his plan to come to India. He said it would not be right for him to leave Britain in such a situation in the country.

As a result, the possibility of a proposed trade deal with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has to be put on hold. It is learned that he is not coming to attend the Republic Day parade as the chief guest.

Incidentally, Britain is already on the path to further strengthening its alliance with the United States to increase its dominance in the Indo-Pacific region.

Meanwhile, Britain’s relations with China have gradually deteriorated. From China’s role in Hong Kong to the Corona situation, Britain is dissatisfied with Beijing in many ways. The idea of ​​the diplomatic community is that Britain would like to move towards strengthening relations with India by keeping an eye on all aspects.

India has been invited to attend the G-7 summit in June. At that time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was supposed to go to Britain to attend the conference. Before that, the whole world will be watching what happens between the two statesmen in April.

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