Buying Smartphone UGC loan

Buying Smartphone: UGC loan for 41,500 public univ students

The University Grants Commission considers providing 41,501 public university students with Tk 8,000 each interest-free loans so that they can buy smartphones and attend online classes amid the pandemic.

The money will come from UGC’s own funds.

The regulatory body of universities had sought the funds from the education ministry, but since it is taking time to respond, the UGC wants to go ahead with the project on its own.

“We don’t have the end of Covid-19 [pandemic] in sight. We did not get any concrete answer from the government. If we don’t give the money right away, students who can’t afford to buy smartphones will further lag behind in their studies,” a UGC member said. 

He said they wrote to the ministry in June, seeking the funds.

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