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Corona test can be positive even after 40 days of infection

If you have one or more covid positive patients in your home, they will be isolated and maintain proper distance from other family members.

Do not do unnecessary cavid test on the argument that there is a cavid positive patient at home. However, if you have symptoms of covid, you also need to be tested.

If you have a covid positive patient in your home, whether you have a covid report or not, whatever is positive or negative, you must also be at home. Do not go out, do not go to the office or work. Because even if the test is negative or asymptomatic, you have the ability to spread the corona among others as you have covid positive patients in your room.

You have to keep a distance from the society and your relative from other family members for a full 10 (ten) days from the day your relative showed symptoms or the day he became positive. Isolation lasts for 10 days, but better for 14 days, then there is no risk.

Note that if the patient is suffering from an acute infection that required ICU, he or she will remain in isolation for 21 days after the onset of symptoms.

If the covid test is positive, the test may be positive for a long time (up to 40 days or more) even after the disease is cured. The latter is positive for the fraction of the virus, not for the actual virus. So there is no need to test Covid a second time or repeatedly. But if there is a question of official or travel related needs, it is a different matter.

Offices should not require anyone to take the Covid test to join the office after 14 days have passed since someone showed corona symptoms or Covid positive.

In spite of having an infection inside, the covid test does not come out positive in 100% of the cases. PCR tests can identify a maximum of 65-70 out of 100 covid patients, a rate that decreases further over time. So even if someone’s test is negative, there may be corona in the body if there are appropriate symptoms.

Antigen tests, like PCR tests, can be negative despite having a corona infection.

If a corona infection is detected in a CT scan of the chest, it does not matter whether the covid test is positive or negative.

Many covid patients have a covid test negative. So the diagnosis has to depend on CT scan a lot of the time.

If the corona is positive on the CT scan, it is unnecessary and a waste of resources to test the covid again.

If you or your relatives are coughing, measure oxygen saturation with a pulse oximeter at regular intervals. If it drops below 93%, some more medication and oxygen will be needed as advised by the doctor.

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Good news, Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine cures blood clots

Finally good news for El Oxford-AstraZeneca coronary vaccine recipients. In the meantime, a team of doctors from Germany and Austria have said that they will find out the cause and cure of blood clots after receiving this vaccine.

Researchers at Grieffswald Teaching Hospital in northern Germany made the announcement on Friday. News Deutsche Welle.

After taking the Oxford-AstraZeneca corona, there were reports of blood clots in the bodies of many. As a result, 21 countries, including several in Europe, suspended the vaccination. However, some countries later said they would resume vaccination.
Researchers, meanwhile, have found that some people develop abnormal blood clots after being vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

They have studied how the rare occurrence of blood clots in the veins of the brain of a very small number of patients after vaccination.

Researchers say they also have a way to treat such patients using very conventional drugs.

The report said the success was a joint venture between Griffithsvald Hospital, the state’s health care regulator Paul Erlish Institute (PEI) and Austrian physicians.

However, only patients with evidence of blood clotting will be able to receive treatment. In this case, there is no opportunity to take any preventive measures at the moment.

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Vaccine for all, free of cost

The government has decided to administer Covid-19 vaccines to all the citizens free of cost once those are procured.

As per the decision at a high-level meeting recently, the government will purchase vaccines as soon as those are out in the market and administer those to all like it does under the existing immunisation programmes, said finance ministry officials.

The finance ministry has already sought $2 billion in financial assistance from four development partners to purchase, store, transport and administer the vaccines.

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Trump appears in public as his doctor says he is no longer a transmission risk

US President Donald Trump appeared back to his old self on Saturday as he addressed supporters at the White House in his first public event since being diagnosed with COVID-19 and his doctor said he was no longer a transmission risk.

Trump took a test on Saturday which showed that he was no longer a “transmission risk to others,” his physician Sean Conley said in a statement, adding that an assortment of tests taken by the president showed there was no longer evidence “of actively replicating virus.”

The White House had no immediate comment on whether Conley’s statement indicated that the president had tested negative for the coronavirus.

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Trump released from hospital, but doctors still have medical specifications


President Donald Trump was released from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday evening. Following an announcement by his medical team that the president’s health was improving. And that he could continue treatment at the White House, although doctors refused to divulge details of Trump. War against 19.


The president walked out of Walter Reed and flew back to the White House on Marine One, promptly tearing off his face mask before walking into the Executive Residence.

Earlier Monday, Trump released claimed by announcing his own discharge that he was feeling “really good” after news broke that he was suffering from fever, fatigue and shortness of breath three days after arriving in Walter Reed.

At a Monday afternoon press conference, White House Physician Sean Conley said Trump’s condition has continued to improve over the last 24 hours, and he now has “met or exceeded all standard hospital discharge criteria,” though he “may not entirely be out of the woods yet.”

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Trump Briefly Leaves Hospital To Greet Well-Wishers Outside

TOPLINE President Donald Trump left Walter Reed Medical Center, where he is being treated for coronavirus,

Sunday and was driven by Secret Service agents past well-wishers who had lined up outside the medical facility, as part of a spontaneous makeshift parade that occurred just hours after doctors disclosed the president had been treated with oxygen and steroids.

Reporters on the scene like Associated Press’ Phillip Crowther captured video and images of Trump waving to supporters from the inside of a Chevy Suburban in Bethesda, Maryland.

All passengers inside the car, including Trump, appeared to be wearing masks.

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Leading COVID-19 vaccine trial resumes in Japan but not US

Trials on the coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University have resumed in Japan but not the United States, where the pharmaceutical giant is working with regulators, a statement released Friday said.

The Financial Times, citing sources close to the case, reported that the US drug regulator the FDA had expanded its investigation into the serious side effects suffered by one trial participant, which had led to a brief halt in the tests, reports AFP.

The British company did not respond immediately to an AFP request for comments.

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Covid – 19: What to do in Coronavirus, Episode-88

Dr. Nazmul Islam Shiplu, Assistant Professor, Teaside University, UK, is talking on NTV about the situation in Corona, the United Kingdom. And Dr. Md. Mamun Sheikh, Staff Scientist, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, USA. Maksudul Islam is conducting the program.

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Covid-19: 46 die; 2,265 infected; 2,952 recover in 24 hours

Forty-six people have died from Covid-19 in the country during the last 24 hours, according to a press release issued by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

The total number of deaths has now reached 3,907 and the death rate stands at 1.34 percent.

Two thousand two hundred and sixty-five people have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, adds the press release. 

With the fresh cases, the total number of positive cases so far in the country stands at 2,92,625 and the current positivity rate is 19.95 percent.


Covid-19: 44 die, 2,617 infected in 24 hours

Forty-four people — 31 male and 13 female –have died from coronavirus infections in the last 24 hours, according to a press release of Directorate General of Health Services.

The death toll now stands at 3,557 and the death rate stands at 1.32 percent, the press release said.

Two thousand six hundred and seventeen people have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 24 hours and the infection rate is 19.88 percent.