Corona test can be positive even after 40 days of infection

Corona test can be positive even after 40 days of infection

If you have one or more covid positive patients in your home, they will be isolated and maintain proper distance from other family members.

Do not do unnecessary cavid test on the argument that there is a cavid positive patient at home. However, if you have symptoms of covid, you also need to be tested.

If you have a covid positive patient in your home, whether you have a covid report or not, whatever is positive or negative, you must also be at home. Do not go out, do not go to the office or work. Because even if the test is negative or asymptomatic, you have the ability to spread the corona among others as you have covid positive patients in your room.

You have to keep a distance from the society and your relative from other family members for a full 10 (ten) days from the day your relative showed symptoms or the day he became positive. Isolation lasts for 10 days, but better for 14 days, then there is no risk.

Note that if the patient is suffering from an acute infection that required ICU, he or she will remain in isolation for 21 days after the onset of symptoms.

If the covid test is positive, the test may be positive for a long time (up to 40 days or more) even after the disease is cured. The latter is positive for the fraction of the virus, not for the actual virus. So there is no need to test Covid a second time or repeatedly. But if there is a question of official or travel related needs, it is a different matter.

Offices should not require anyone to take the Covid test to join the office after 14 days have passed since someone showed corona symptoms or Covid positive.

In spite of having an infection inside, the covid test does not come out positive in 100% of the cases. PCR tests can identify a maximum of 65-70 out of 100 covid patients, a rate that decreases further over time. So even if someone’s test is negative, there may be corona in the body if there are appropriate symptoms.

Antigen tests, like PCR tests, can be negative despite having a corona infection.

If a corona infection is detected in a CT scan of the chest, it does not matter whether the covid test is positive or negative.

Many covid patients have a covid test negative. So the diagnosis has to depend on CT scan a lot of the time.

If the corona is positive on the CT scan, it is unnecessary and a waste of resources to test the covid again.

If you or your relatives are coughing, measure oxygen saturation with a pulse oximeter at regular intervals. If it drops below 93%, some more medication and oxygen will be needed as advised by the doctor.

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