Dengue, Corona and some of their memorization talk

There are many similarities between the initial symptoms of dengue and corona. These are such as fever, headache, body aches. Now the dengue season is starting. India and Singapore are suffering from dengue and corona together. Although these two viruses enter and reproduce differently, they both affect our immune system. Once someone has dengue, it will not happen again, the idea is not right. Rather, the second time dengue is caused by antibodies already in the body, through antibody dependent enhancement (ADE), the virus is more likely to infect the body. Scientists have also speculated that this ADE may have a detrimental role in the case of corona.
So now if you have a fever, you have to keep dengue in mind. To be tested. Last year, there were more than 1 lakh dengue cases in Bangladesh. Corona, floods, and if dengue comes along, will we be able to cope? Dengue? Or, haven’t you? People will be upset about that. With Covid-19, there is already a lot of pressure on our health system. There was a lack of coordination among the various committees including the Ministry, the Department, the Technical Committee.
Since January, when we have said and written about Covid-19, or when many countries started thinking about PPE, ventilators, our officials did not pay attention. Later when they took cognizance of the matter, they argued that the PPE crisis, the test kit crisis is all over the world. It is getting late to get the supply of these.
Now is the time to think very well about dengue. Hopefully, there are enough dengue detection kits like NS1 kit in Bangladesh, with which dengue can be detected on the first day of fever. If we can do that, we will not have any confusion about dengue. Hopefully, there is enough manpower and equipment.

If not here’s a new product just for you! If you don’t do this, two months from today, you will have to deal with dengue and memorize the same words that you may be tired of saying. Those are the memorized words …. You know, many countries including India, Singapore, Brazil are suffering from dengue problem, there is a dearth of medical supplies and dengue eradication chemicals in the market at the moment, and we have some manpower problems, we are issuing circulars for recruitment. , Having a little temporary problem. We will win against dengue. “

InfoHub / Dr. Md Nazmul Islam

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