Human chain against

Human chain against the ongoing rape of women and children in Basundia through the joint efforts of various social organizations.

In the wake of Corona’s fatigue, where ordinary people are struggling to make ends meet, a group of low-minded human-like beasts have awakened across the country.

Every day, women in different parts of the country are the victims of their low mentality; even the children are not getting relief there.

An epidemic of violence against women, sexual harassment and rape is rampant across the country to increase the prevalence of their reckless nature.

This is destroying the dignity of thousands of mothers and sisters as well as the image of a healthy society.

An anti-rape human chain has been organized in Basundia by 5 organizations Basundia Press Club, Sonali Shapna Academy, Pasa asi amra, Bot Bokho, Jungle Badhal Youth Association to protest against this rape, violence against women and demand exemplary severe punishment for the rapists.

On Saturday morning, October 10 2020, public gatherings with banners of all these organizations started taking place at Basundia corner of Jessore.

During the moment, the organizations displayed various anti-rape posters and banners. With the passage of time, the protests at the Basundiya junction in Jessore became vocal.

Besides, the people of the movement were obsessed with different slogans. Thousands of people are protesting in this protest procession.

At this time, all human chain workers demanded exemplary punishment for the perpetrators of violence against women across the country. Also demand the death penalty for all rapists.

Imdadul Haque: Jessore.

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