The Indian Army is in dire straits over fuel, appealing for winter diesel in Ladakh or La-Dvagas

The Indian Army is in dire straits over fuel, appealing for winter diesel in Ladakh or La-Dvagas

The Indian Armed Forces are in dire straits due to severe cold in Ladakh or La-Dvagas. Because, in high places like Ladakh, where winter temperatures are very low, it is difficult to drive on normal fuel. So the Indian Army is thinking of starting using winter diesel very soon. Indian Oil Corporation, India’s largest oil producer, has sought the permission of the Director-General of Quality Assurance regarding this winter diesel. With permission, the armed forces will be able to use this diesel, which is also effective at 30 degrees Celsius.

What is Winter Diesel?

Indian Oil Corporation Limited last year developed a special fuel winter diesel for use, especially in high and low temperatures like Ladakh or La-Dvagas, where ordinary diesel is not useful. SV Ramkumar, head of research and development at the company, said some of the characteristics of ordinary diesel change at low temperatures, so the car does not run. Ramkumar said that winter diesel has some features that will be effective for better performance of the engine.

Ramkumar said that before winter diesel, kerosene was added to reduce the density of diesel in low-temperature areas, which increased air pollution.

How are the armed forces working in this area?

Indian Well, Bharat Petroleum Corporation and Hindustan Petroleum give diesel high sulfur pore points to the armed forces, which are effective at 30 degrees Celsius.

With permission, the IOC could begin supplying winter diesel to the armed forces.

Is the demand for this type of fuel due to border tensions with China in Ladakh?
Experts believe that the demand has increased due to border tensions, but the demand for such fuel has not increased significantly since the Indo-Chinese military clash in the Gallowan Valley in Ladakh or La-Dvagas.

Sourch: The Indian Express

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