China's message to Britain about Hong Kong

Let go of the idea of ​​exerting colonial influence, China’s message to Britain about Hong Kong

Britain has warned that it will take strong action against China if it brings Hong Kong under national security law. On Monday, within 24 hours of the British Foreign Secretary’s warning, Beijing counter-threatened to London.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that if Britain took such a step, it would be forced to launch a counter-attack. Beijing has warned Britain not to allow colonial influence in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, the international community is also vocal against the Chinese government’s move to bring Hong Kong under national security law. At the forefront of this rhetoric is Trump-led America. Britain has also strongly opposed China’s law.

Hong Kong was once a British colony. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb, speaking in Parliament on Monday, told Beijing: “If China wants to impose national security law on Hong Kong, the prisoner exchange agreement with Hong Kong will be suspended immediately. At the same time, sanctions may be imposed. “

Rabb said the prisoner exchange could be halted if clear and strong defenses were not provided. Rabb also expressed concern that China’s national security law could be abused.

Britain’s comments seem to have added fuel to the fire. In response, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said, “China will be forced to retaliate against any wrongdoing by the United Kingdom.”

“China is urging the United Kingdom not to imagine colonial influence in Hong Kong and to correct its mistakes quickly,” he warned.

Hong Kong has long been a British colonial. Occupied by China in 1997. Countries such as Australia and Canada have suspended a prisoner exchange agreement with Hong Kong over the same issue this month. The United States has suspended certain financial transactions with Hong Kong.

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