Sheikh Hasina reached new heights in the world

Sheikh Hasina reached new heights in the world

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has not stopped with the initiative to deal with the coronavirus. He has also been praised for global and regional initiatives. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh has also taken a leading role in the international initiative to invent corona vaccine. Bangladesh has announced to donate 50,000 US dollars to the ‘Global Citizen’ fund. Besides, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is also working to create funds for South Asian countries to deal with the economic adverse effects of coronavirus.

In the midst of the deadly coronavirus, another fatal disaster, the cyclone ‘Amphan’, had to deal with the situation with a strong hand. In such a situation, the national and international initiatives of Bangabandhu Kanya are being appreciated in many countries of the world.

In an article titled ‘Fighting Cyclones and Coronavirus: How We Evacuated During a Pandemic’ in the British daily The Guardian on June 3, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina wrote, “Bangladesh has fought two dangers like super-cyclone Amphan and Covid-19.” We can teach others a lesson in dealing with similar dangers. ”At the World Economic Forum in April, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina wrote a five-point proposal to the world on the Corona outbreak, saying,“ The world is fighting an unknown and unseen enemy today. This enemy has no boundaries, no class. The most unfortunate thing is that this enemy is showing the flaws of our management. In such a situation, we will be able to win the war against this Covid-19 not by being isolated, but by cooperating with each other. ‘
The world’s most popular Forbes magazine has named Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as one of the most successful women leaders in tackling corona. According to Forbes, a leading magazine in the economy, the United Kingdom has not yet been able to implement the steps taken at the beginning of the coronavirus infection in Bangladesh under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina. The US magazine wrote in an article on April 24 praising Bangladesh for moving forward under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, with more than 160 million people living in Bangladesh. Disaster is not a new phenomenon there. And the Prime Minister of Bangladesh did not make a mistake in taking a quick decision to deal with this corona. In early February, Sheikh Hasina took steps to bring back Bangladeshis living in China. As soon as the first infection was confirmed in early March, all educational institutions were declared closed and less important businesses were instructed to conduct online activities. He instructed thousands of people to quickly quarantine using machines for screening to identify corona patients at all international airports in the country, which Forbes author Avivah Wittenbagh-Cox noted, which the UK has yet to implement. Sheikh Hasina has also been praised by the World Economic Forum. In the last week of April, Sheikh Hasina attended a virtual conference titled ‘Enhancing Regional Co-operation in South Asia to Combat Covid-19 Related Impact on Its Economics’ organized by the World Economic Forum from Ganobhaban. He called on the world to unite at this conference. On June 4, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina addressed the Vaccine Summit organized by the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization on a virtual platform. There he called for the rapid discovery of vaccines and called on world leaders to provide grants to raise funds for the organization. On May 25, Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina about providing assistance in combating the coronavirus. According to Xi Jinping’s proposal, a team of Chinese experts later came to Bangladesh. Earlier on March 15, Sheikh Hasina called on SAARC leaders to take concerted action in the fight against Cavid-19 in a video conference from Ganobhaban.

Sheikh Hasina’s five proposals to the world: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given five proposals to the World Economic Forum against Corona. One of the five proposals made by the Prime Minister is to ‘think anew to eliminate inequality’. In the proposal, the Prime Minister said, “Poverty and inequality will increase very fast in this society we know.” In the last decade, we have been able to lift half of our poor people out of poverty. Many of them will return to poverty again. People will fall into the trap of debt. Eighty-five percent of our people are employed in the informal sector. Our SME (loan system) is hurting badly. This situation is not very different from other countries in South Asia or countries in Africa. And that’s why everyone in the world should think about how to make people better now. We need to think about how to tackle inequality, help the poor and take our economy to the pre-covid (before Covid-19 infection) stage. In his second proposal, he said, “Strong global leadership like the G-7, G-20 and OECD is needed.” The Prime Minister wrote in his explanation that a multilateral management led by the United Nations must come forward. In this case, I am referring to Professor Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum’s Infectious Diseases as the focus of the Global Risk Report 2020. The plight of the global health sector is highlighted here. And that is why the formation of forums like the Quid Action Platform and the Regional Action Group is the right move at this time. I believe, as well as the UN as an additional initiative

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