Attorney General William Barr

U.S. Attorney General William Barr announces resignation

U.S. Attorney General William Barr said Monday he will resign next week. News CNN. Voting for the US presidential election took place last November. Despite falling behind by a huge margin, US President Donald Trump has not yet conceded defeat. The bar has been supporting him from the beginning. But with the change of position, Trump’s Conflict with the bar began.

President Trump has confirmed Bar’s resignation on Twitter. The US president wrote on Twitter that his recent meeting with the White House Bar was great. He has done his job well. He is leaving before Christmas to spend the holidays with his family.

Trump added on Twitter that Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen would take over as Attorney General Bar. Richard Donal will take over as Deputy Attorney General.
Trump has been pushing for the removal of the bar for some time, as the election has begun to falter. Allies discouraged Trump from doing so. However, Trump did not change his position. The White House says Barr has not been asked to resign or be expelled. He has moved away from himself.

Electoral voting in the states has officially started on Monday for the presidential election. There is no record of Janaraya being an exception to this formal vote. So another round of recognition of Joe Biden as the country’s next president is just a matter of time.

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