Women and children are the main victims of the Corona epidemic: BNWLA

Women and children are the main victims of the Corona epidemic: BNWLA

The level of violence against women and children in the Corona epidemic has increased every month. The form of violence is also changing with time and the main victims are women and children.

The Bangladesh National Association of Women Lawyers (BNWLA) has expressed deep concern over the dire situation.

The organization said this at a press conference at the National Press Club today. Advocate Salma Ali, the president of the organization, made several recommendations to stop the abuse of women and children.

Advocate Salma Ali said BNWLA lawyers are doing their best to provide legal assistance to women and children who have been abused and abused in the face of the epidemic. He made a number of recommendations to end violence against abused women and children.

These are: Women and children victims of rape should be kept at the center and they should be provided with comprehensive legal assistance. Proper investigation of cases using modern forensic technology should be ensured along with speedy trial and witness protection.

The investigation should be kept free from the interference of political and influential people. Law enforcement authorities must have trained staff at all levels. The High Court needs a separate court to expedite the trial of cases related to violence against women.

The number of tribunals can be increased to expedite the trial of human trafficking cases within the stipulated time. Ensure proper monitoring of the overall data storage of women and children with disabilities.

Ensuring non-discriminatory legal services for marginalized groups (transgender, disabled). An effective committee should be formed as per the directions of the high court to prevent sexual harassment in all workplaces including bus stations.

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